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Sex and Blood (Spanish: Polvo y sangre) is the fourth episode of the first season of the Netflix series, Sky Rojo. It aired on March 19, 2021.


When Moisés and Christian catch up to the trio and corner them, Coral decides to turn the tables on the brothers. Wendy's backstory is revealed.

Plot Summary[]

In a flashback, Christian and Moises’ mother gets hospitalized after a bad fall. Moises rushes to see her with Coral close behind, but as soon as she gets a moment she affixes the old lady’s morphine drip into her own veins. Christian assaults his mother’s carer, and Moises eventually intervenes.

In present day, Christian and Moises confront the girls at the pool. Moi makes up some nonsense about Romeo wanting them back home safe and sound but is quick to threaten them with prison — for hitting Romeo and killing Charlotte — when they answer back. Fernando intervenes and insists they leave. Christian stops his big brother from lashing out.

Coral collapses from her overdose again, and Wendy has to inject her with some adrenaline. Fernando, trying to help, has called the police, giving the girls little time to plan their next move. While Christian and Moi are getting high, the girls jump in the car and hold them at gunpoint, planning to keep them as hostages to return to the club and retrieve their passports.

The short road trip is tense, as the brothers, both high, remain calm enough to make the girls second-guess themselves. They insist that the car is stopped but Moises, who’s driving, refuses. Wendy points the security guard’s revolver at Christian and threatens to shoot him, but Moi keeps speeding up, eventually throwing the car into a sharp turn, at which point the gun goes off.

In a flashback, we see that where Wendy grew up in Buenos Aires wasn’t hospitable at the best of times, much less for lesbians, so Wendy and her girlfriend, the love of her life, were forced to flee. Wendy agreed to work in the brothel to support them and sent her girlfriend every penny she made. But, as she explains to Coral, now her girlfriend has dumped her and left her penniless, a prisoner there.

In present times, the bullet struck Christian in the neck, but not fatally. Furious, he drags Wendy out of the car, but while Moises is talking him out of shooting her, the other two women drive away. The look on Wendy’s face as she realizes she has been abandoned again is absolutely crushing. When we cut back to the car, we see Gina is driving. She feels desperate now, believing she has to stay in order to be there for her family. She confesses to Coral that she’s pregnant and that she doesn’t think the brothers will risk killing Wendy.




  • Chani Martín as Fernando
  • Alicia Sánchez as Dolores
  • Marc Bosch as Celador
  • Paco Inestrosa
  • Zuria Gómez
  • Saulo Trujillo
  • Cristian Reyes