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Bear Trap (Spanish: Trampa de osos) is the eighth and final episode of the first season of the Netflix series, Sky Rojo. It aired on March 19, 2021.


Wendy runs into a man who won't take no for an answer. Romeo demands that Moisés prove his loyalty. The trio launch a plan to reclaim what's theirs.

Plot Summary[]

The girls have a plan for revenge, which includes cleaving a giant hole with the stolen digger. In the bar where they’re continuing to scheme, Wendy heads to the bathroom and is confronted by a client of hers who recognizes her, tries to buy a session, and then forces her into a toilet cubicle when she turns him down.

Moises and Christian are, as instructed, interrogating Fernando, but Christian is much more focused on pressing Moi about what Romeo was referring to in regards to helping him with their father. Moi explains that he killed him and that Romeo helped to dispose of the body in the middle of the night. Christian, who has been established as almost obsessively devotional to his parents, is appalled by this. While they’re distracted, Fernando sinks into the vat of acid, having told them nothing about the location of the girls.

When Moi goes back inside, Romeo asks him outright if he slept with Coral, and he confesses to “just the one time”, saying it was a mistake. As penance, Romeo wants him to kill all three girls, and maybe then he’ll be his big brother again. As it turns out he’s still tracking the girls on his phone, so Moi sets out to confront them at the gas station while Romeo snorts up lines of coke with a samurai sword.

The heist gets underway, but it doesn’t exactly go to plan. When Coral confronts Romeo at the club, they argue about Moises and then rather inexplicably have a sword fight which ends with Romeo almost overdosing. Coral tries to resuscitate him. In the meantime, Moi throws Christian out of the car so that he doesn’t have to be involved in what follows and then heads off to find Gina and Wendy at the gas station. They lead Moi directly into the hidden pit they dug, which Wendy begins to fill using the digger.

After filling the pit, Wendy realizes she has been shot. At the same time, Romeo snaps awake.




  • José Manuel Poga
  • Chani Martín as Fernando
  • Carmen Santamaría as Charlotte
  • Juan Alberto de Burgos
  • Niko Verona as Cachopo
  • Cecilia Gómez
  • Godeliv Van den Brandt
  • Penélope Guerrero
  • Luisa Vides
  • Zuria Gómez
  • Paco Inestrosa
  • Alicia Sánchez as Dolores